Are You A Toolkit Client Still Struggling To Implement A Consistent Marketing Plan For Your IT Services Business?

Find Out How Accelerators Club Helps MSPs, VARs And IT Services CEOs, Who Struggled With Implementing The Toolkit For Years, To FINALLY Get Productive Marketing Systems In Place To Drive More High-Quality Leads, Profitable New Clients, MRR And Sales

Watch This Video To See What Other MSPs, VARs And IT Services CEOS Are Saying:

"We Added $131,730 In Revenue After The First 3 Months Of Our Accelerators Club Membership"
Derek Anderson
Biztek Solutions, Inc.

Does This Sound Like You?

Even though you have the Toolkit, you’re STUCK
You are NOT at peace with your income, your business growth and how hard you have to work
Your sales are stagnant or simply NOT growing at the rate you think they should

Did You Find Yourself Thinking “True” To Any Of The Above Statements?

I’d like to invite you to participate in a program to work directly with me and my coaches to eliminate every excuse, obstacle and barrier to implementing a highly productive client-attraction marketing system in your IT services business. We call it “The Accelerators Club.”

What You'll Get As A Member

There Are 8 Characteristics That I Am Looking For

If You Do Not Meet Them All, Don’t Bother To Apply To Accelerators Club

You must be a Technology Marketing Toolkit Client in good standing.
You must be intensely serious about your desire to increase the amount of money you are earning from your business over the next 12 - 18 Months.
You must be willing to invest time into working on your business instead of constantly running like a gerbil on a wheel in your business.
You must be beyond the "Quick Fix" Mentality and be willing to spend time and effort in building a solid marketing system in your business and actually execute on the strategies you'll learn. I will not do it all for you.
You must be willing to take responsibility for your mistakes, learn from them and move on. I don't want anyone with a "victim" mentality who constantly blames the economy, the competition, lack of time or anything else for their lack of success.
You must be willing to actively participate in the accountability group calls. I do not want passive members.
You must deliver good, honest products and services. I've actually had to fire two previous members because I discovered they were acting in unethical ways toward their clients and were not willing to make it right. I don't want that type of person in this group, period.
You must be a pleasant, positive person. I only want to work with people who are fun to work with, stimulating to the group and who productively contribute to their accountability group.
"After Just 12 Weeks, We Added 20 Clients And $24,924 In Monthly Recurring Revenue"
Nathan Whittacre
Stimulus Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid Implementation Workshop
This is a small group workshop led by Robin Robins, in Franklin, TN. During this workshop you’ll develop a critical strategic plan of action that will allow you to then implement the campaign with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness. Robin and her senior coaches will also walk you through the most critical aspects of building a lead generation and marketing machine for your IT services business.

Peer Accountability Group Led By A Senior Client Coach
Once you know what to do, you have to actually get it done. That’s where the weekly Accountability Group coaching calls come in. Every week, you’ll join a group webinar with your peers, led by one of Robin’s top coaches. On those calls, your personal coach will direct you and hold you accountable for implementation so you aren’t tempted to fall off the bandwagon (again), make excuses, fall behind and fail.

Done-For-You Website
The first place any prospect goes when they hear about you is your website. And you probably list your website on every piece of marketing you send out. But if your website is confusing or lacking critical marketing elements (and almost all are), you will find it extremely difficult to get any of your marketing campaigns to work. That’s why we started offering “Robinized” Done-For-You Websites for our clients and we even include an SEO plan customized for your firm. We know what works to convert traffic and we will create every element for you.

Done-For-You Newsletter
You know you need drip marketing to stay in touch with your clients, position yourself as the expert and drive more leads and referrals. But the thought of finding the time to get this done stops you in your tracks. No longer! We have made it quick and easy for you to get your newsletter out the door – in only minutes per month.

Right now! This is the most common question we get. We have countless stories like the following from our Members:

“We put off implementation of Robin’s marketing discipline for over three years after our initial purchase. That was the biggest mistake we have made with our business. There will never be a better time for anyone to take on the marketing of their firm than right now”

– Keith ClanahanPresident and Co-Founder of xlrINT

Warren Buffett often said, “Price is what you pay and value is what you get.” So, let me start out by “warning” you that the tuition for this program is not cheap. I make no apologies for that.

We have two levels of membership. One includes our MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) and a dedicated Sherpa (support person) for prepping your list, setting up all of the included campaigns into the CRM, setting up the reports and getting you ready to start marketing. 74% of applicants choose this level of membership (with MAP). The Accelerators + MAP is $4,390 for the first month, then $2,195 per month thereafter and includes EVERYTHING listed on this website. To learn more about MAP, click here. Accelerators WITHOUT the MAP platform is $2,994 for the first month, then $1,497 per month thereafter.

Which level is right for you will be discussed on your one-on-one consultation after applying. Click here to apply and talk to one of our senior coaches about the Accelerators Program, which level of membership is right for you, and if joining will give you the results you want for your specific situation.

The Accelerators Club is currently accepting applications for Membership. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to submit your application.

Important! Submitting this application is merely an “expression of interest” on your part. It does not guarantee you a spot nor does it obligate you in any way.

Heck No! As long as you are the CEO or Business Owner of an IT Services Firm that is looking to grow, you’re the perfect person for this program. In fact, we often have the most success with clients who don’t have any marketing experience as there aren’t any bad habits to fix.