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Charles Henson

Managing Partner, Nashville Computer

Lisa Shorr

Owner, Secure Future Tech Solutions

Peter Verlezza

CEO, SMB Networks

Leia Shilobod

CEO, InTech Solutions

Al Alper

CEO, Absolute Logic

Bryan LaChapelle

CEO, B4 Networks

John Motazedi

CEO, SNC Squared

Stuart Bryan

CEO, I-M Technology

Vincent Fung

CEO, Debian IT

Scott Beck

CEO, BeckTek

Tom Malesic

CEO, EZSolution

Charles Swihart

Founder, Preactive IT Solutions

Will Nobles

CEO, Vector Choice Technology

About Our Coaches

CEO OF Technology Marketing Toolkit
Robin Robins
There is no doubt about it: Robin Robins has helped more MSPs and IT services businesses to double – even triple – sales, profits and MRR growth than any other marketing consultant in the IT services industry, period. As a trusted advisor to over 10,000 IT services business owners for over 17 years, Robin knows a thing or two about what it takes to grow sales, recurring revenue streams and a profitable client base for an IT services business. 
In addition to her hands-on experience in working with IT business owners, Robin runs a phenomenally successful and profitable multimillion-dollar services business herself. Unlike many “ivory tower” consultants who run a business in their dreams, she can speak from actual experience in marketing, packaging and delivering intangible services, dominating a niche, building a “dream team” of colleagues (she doesn’t call them employees) and building a raving-fan, loyal client base. From marketing to time management, Robin will give you her most powerful secrets to secure FAST and SUBSTANTIAL gains in any IT services business.
Director of Coaching Programs for Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.
Ryan Markel

Ryan leads our Accelerators and Producers Club divisions as our Director Of Coaching Programs. He coaches and advises hundreds of IT owners to grow their businesses using sound sales and marketing strategies that simply work. Because he was once in your shoes as an IT business owner growing his business through these same proven tools and resources, Ryan brings a high level of expertise to his coaching.

Senior Coach and Mayor of Producers Club, Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc.
Rich Crockett

Whether he’s dressed as Obi-Wan, Uncle Jessie, The Most Interesting Man In The World, Santa Claus or a pirate, Rich Crockett lives up to Robin’s description of him as “very versatile.” Rich first discovered Robin in 2008 while working as the marketing manager with Tom Malesic at EZSolution. After attending an implementation seminar in 2009, they began to apply the genius of the Toolkit to their business and quickly joined Producers Club. Because Robin’s sales and marketing system took their business to awesome heights, his title was upgraded to “Marketing Madness Manager.”

In 2011, Rich and Tom competed in Robin’s Better Your Best competition and won. That same year, Rich started mentoring for Robin in a few weekly Implementation Seminars for about six groups. Since then, Rich has presented at three Marketing Manager Trainings, was Genius of the Month, mentored Freshman Producers Club Groups, received two Accountability Group Of The Year Awards and three Accountability Group Of The Quarter Awards. For the past three years, Rich has joined Technology Marketing Toolkit, working with Jeff Johnson and the Mastermind Team as Senior Coach and Mayor Of Producers Club. Rich has always been passionate about seeing people succeed in business and life, and his proven coaching style makes those dreams possible.

Managing Partner of Nashville Computer
Charles Henson

Charles Henson grew up with no running water, no indoor plumbing and ice-water baths. He even started from humble beginnings with his break-fix business: Charles had no goals and started every month with ZERO revenue. After finding Robin and proving to himself that her sales and marketing systems work, he successfully implemented 203 marketing communications in just 12 months.

The results speak volumes: Charles closed $2.8M in revenue with $161K per month in recurring revenue. Today, Nashville Computer has surpassed $4M while growing its business every single month. Charles won Robin’s Better Your Best competition in 2017 and became Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Spokesperson and Ambassador to the IT Industry. He evolved from being a “tech” to becoming a master of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial excellence. Charles is pumped to teach Robin’s “students” how to significantly increase your MRR by providing the direction and accountability needed to transform your mindset from “tech” to sales and marketing master.

Co-President/CEO of Future Tech Solutions
Lisa Shorr

Lisa Shorr married the love of her life (as well as her husband’s fledgling IT business). More than a decade later, they successfully grew to $2M per year, but then the business became stagnant. The top line was stuck at the $2M mark because they put marketing on the back burner. They found themselves in debt, losing customers and watching revenues sink. With Robin’s advice and energy as their 550-horsepower engine, Lisa focused her attention on implementing Robin’s marketing, sales and growth strategies! She started with a comprehensive corporate branding overhaul, executed dozens of marketing campaigns and lived by her metrics. She ate, drank and slept sales and marketing.

Lisa’s mindset shift enabled Secure Future Tech Solutions to execute 130 marketing campaigns in 2017 that gave them $500K top-line growth as well as bottom-line growth of 224% and a spot on the stage as a 2018 Better Your Best finalist! Not only has Lisa propelled her company toward hyper-growth and raced to prominence in her market, she has personally inspired dozens of MSPs to grow their own IT businesses. Lisa is ready to share the strategies, direction and accountability that can transform both top-line and bottom-line growth in YOUR business.

Managing Partner of SMB Networks, LLC.
Peter Verlezza

In 2006, Peter Verlezza started a break-fix business. Working 16-hour days, he was struggling to make a profit, even struggling to make payroll. To differentiate his business, Peter branded himself as the IT expert specializing in the medical industry. He has been a member of the Connecticut Medical Group Managers Association since 2013 and has served on the board since 2015.

Since joining Robin in 2008, Peter has thrived in his peer group. Beyond holding members accountable, his group gave him the ideas he needed to attack a niche market with a vengeance, transform from a one-man break-fix business to a profitable MSP and adopt a recurring revenue model that brings in $133K at the start of each month. In 2017, Peter decided to take his business to a higher ground. With laser focus he has increased his top-line revenue from $1,089,000 to $2,395,000 in two years. His recurring revenue increased by $50K and growing, and his profits have more than doubled. SMB Networks has been recognized as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies for 2020. Peter gives back and shares his nonstop energy and revenue-accelerating advice with you. He has presented to over 1,000 members on target marketing and joint ventures. Peter knows firsthand that the fastest path to predictable profits begins with focus and accountability, and he’s ready to prove to you that it WORKS.

CEO of InTech Solutions
Leia Shilobod

Also known as the “IT Princess of Power,” Leia has more than a vision for keeping mid-market firms compliant and protected from hackers; she has a Massive Transformative Purpose to leverage their technology to become exponential. As a cyber security advisor, Leia is a prominent speaker both nationally and at local industry events. She is the proud author of multiple books, including Cyber Warfare and The 3 Indisputable Rules Every Manufacturer Needs To Know Before Buying Any Technology Service Or Product.

CEO of Absolute Logic, Inc.
Al Alper

Al Alper is Founder and CEO of Absolute Logic, Inc., an MSP based in Connecticut, and CyberGuard360, a channel-only company providing advanced cyber security platforms to MSPs, MSSPs and IT services providers. He is a serial entrepreneur, having founded several successful companies where he saw exits through acquisitions by companies such as CIT. Absolute Logic and CyberGuard360 are his fifth and sixth ventures.

Al lives in Wilton, CT, with his wife, Janice, where they raised three children, Kaitlin, AJ and Alexandra. In his spare time he volunteers on several local community boards and commissions, and many nonprofits. He enjoys a myriad of sports, including skiing, windsurfing, racquetball and more.

Al is a longtime Robin Robins member, having bought the Toolkit as a one-man operation and consistently using Robin’s sales and marketing tools to grow his business. He is a true believer that successful MSP businesses are built entirely on execution of fundamentals, NOT fads, NOT shiny new objects, NOT the marketing/management/sales philosophy of the month.

President, B4 Networks
Bryan LaChapelle

After losing their largest MRR client (over $18K/month) B4 Networks was on the verge of collapse. They had five employees, with a large amount of revenue that disappear overnight. They already owned the Toolkit, but like many, hadn’t done anything with it.

With this new challenge, they joined Producers Club and began seriously implementing campaigns. By the end of the first year, they had added $20K MRR, and recovered 100% from the large client that they lost. Since then, B4 Networks has grown on average 25% year over year, has made it to the MSP Mentor 501 list and won Canada’s Top 50 Managed IT Companies.

CEO of SNC Squared
John Motazedi

In 2006, John quit his day job and became the sole employee of his company SNC Squared. Headquartered in his basement, he grew slowly until he discovered Robin’s marketing. From the changing world of health care, to the 2011 Joplin tornado that destroyed SNC, they have remained true to the marketing initiatives that have escalated them to a leading MSP. SNC Squared has been named the multi-year award winner by Inc. 500/5000.

The 2012 Better Your Best contest winner, John continues to use and implement new marketing tactics to make headway in a difficult market. SNC Squared received the 2013 Joplin Small Business Of The Year Award. John is a regular speaker for local and national medical group management associations and continues his efforts to educate companies about the benefits of good IT. John is also active in the Angel flight network and helps get needy patients to support services throughout five different states. In his spare time, John loves to fly airplanes, run marathons and triathlons, and ski.

President of I-M Technology
Stuart Bryan

When the US recession hit in 2008, Stuart saw the primary part of his business evaporate almost overnight. With 100% employee turnover that year, and in need of a new primary revenue stream, Stuart rebuilt IMT as an MSP with year-over-year growth that has averaged over 21% since 2012. In 2018, IMT experienced 31.4% growth and crossed the $1 million threshold; in 2019 profits rose over 200%, and it is on pace to exceed $1.4 million this year.

Stuart attributes most of that growth to becoming a member of Producers Club, with an awesome Accountability Group,  as well as relentlessly and consistently implementing campaigns with follow-up phone calls. Since joining up with Robin, he has improved all areas of his business, from service delivery and operations to sales and marketing, and has more than doubled IMT’s revenue. As an Accelerators coach, Stuart helps fellow IT entrepreneurs get out of their own way and onto a better, brighter future, where they choose to work on their business more than they work in their business.

CEO of Debian Information Technology, Inc.
Vincent Fung

When the Calgary economy crashed in 2016, Vincent’s business lost over $28,000 of recurring revenue. Instead of reducing his team members and slashing operation costs, Vincent implemented Robin’s Toolkit to GROW revenues from a stagnant $2.2M to $2.9M (33% growth) over the next 12 months and DOUBLED his net profit. In 2017, he grew Debian IT another 45% and is on track this year to reach $6 million.

As a Better Your Best finalist in 2017, Vincent Fung has become one of Robin’s hungriest students. Not only has he excelled in executing a ton of results-focused sales and marketing campaigns (QBRs, Direct Mail, Seminars, Print Newsletters, Postcards, Networking Events, Joint Venture Partnerships and even writing a book), he improved his entire business – from hiring to service delivery. Now Vincent is ready to share his knowledge and experiences with other hungry IT business owners like yourself and give you the guidance and accountability to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your revenues – no matter the economy.

CEO of BeckTek
Scott Beck

Living in a small market of only 140,000 people, Scott took almost a decade to realize he didn’t own a business. He had created a thankless job that was slowly grinding him down, trading time for money – often putting in 18- to 20-hour workdays to generate $180K in break-fix work for only $3K MRR. Not bad for a one-man show, but he realized it wasn’t scalable and NOT sustainable year over year.

Knowing there had to be a better way, Scott found Technology Marketing Toolkit and took a leap of faith, jumping into the training with both feet. Fast-forward to today, BeckTek is now five people, gross revenues are up 5x and MRR up 1,300% since working to change his focus from being the tech to building a business. Scott knows what it’s like to be the one-man band or small company bumping against the ceiling and how to keep breaking through to the next level, utilizing Robin’s marketing, tools and training. Scott is a two-time international best-selling author, an award-winning speaker and a frequent TV celebrity guest expert with appearances on NBC, ABC, Fox, the CW, CTV and Global.

President and Founder of EZSolution
Tom Malesic

Borrowing $2,000 from his mom, Tom started his business in 1997. Initially focusing on website development, he helped his clients answer the question “What is this Internet thing?” After acquiring an IT company from a friend, EZMarketing and EZComputer Solutions was born. Together, Tom’s businesses provide superior marketing and technical assistance to a wide range of businesses in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Tom discovered Robin in 2008, bought the Toolkit and never looked back. He attended an implementation seminar at Dulles Airport in 2009, attended Boot Camp and joined Producers Club the same year. Just two years after joining Producers Club, Tom won Robin’s Better Your Best competition. Tom’s special passion is to help business owners solve sales and marketing problems that have plagued them for years. His vast experience in marketing an IT business has earned him significant praise as one of Robin’s results-focused coaches.

Owner of Preactive IT Solutions
Charles Swihart

Charles started his break-fix business in 2003, mostly working for businesses and consumers. After many years in business, he figured out that he needed to convert to a managed services model, but with no marketing program in place, he struggled to grow recurring revenue. When Charles joined Producers Club at the end of 2015, his MRR was just $27,000.

Now, just a few years later, Charles’s team is sending 100 marketing letters each week and has grown MRR to $140K. Charles won the Better Your Best competition in 2020 after doubling his gross revenue and growing net profit by FIVE TIMES in just the last three years. His profit has hovered around 30% over the last few years. Whether it’s about how to run and KEEP an efficient tech team, or calculating how large of a farm list your marketing team can service, Charles loves to share his experiences with others.

Founder and CEO of Vector Choice Technology Solutions
Will Nobles

Defying generations of his lineage of agricultural capitalists in Eastern North Carolina, Will Nobles traded his bulldozer for a corner office when he decided to pursue his own million-dollar legacy in the IT industry. Will has built his claim over the last 20 years, attaining multiple degrees and certifications that have earned his company, Vector Choice, accolades such as The Best And Brightest Companies To Work For (Atlanta) and MSP 501.

Since he Robin and joined the Producers Club, the results speak volumes in the change of how Vector Choice does business. Since joining Robin and Producers Club just four years ago, Vector Choice has grown from $800K to $3M, now adding on an average $6K MRR per month. Will has evolved from working in the business to working on the business. As a result, he is an author and speaker who enlightens audiences on the industry’s recommended precautions regarding cybercrime, and as a highly regarded Cyber Security Expert.