Client Reviews

Initially Very Skeptical, After Generating $84,400 In Revenue In 90 Days, We Realized This Was The BEST BUSINESS DECISION We Ever Made!

“We were very skeptical about joining TMT’s Accelerators Club and going through Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. Turns out, besides starting our business, it was the BEST BUSINESS DECISION we have ever made.

If we told you we only got what we expected out of the Rapid Implementation Workshop, it would be a lie. We have gained FAR MORE than we ever dreamed was possible. Among the impressive results we’ve achieved, we have:

  • Increased our MRR by 50%
  • Generated $84,400 in increased revenue
  • Added $13,000 in new projects
  • Seated 27 appointments

We still can’t believe everything we’ve accomplished in just 90 days!”

Matt And Jeanine Kinsey

IT Fusion

TMT Provides Much More Than ‘Just Marketing’!

“I happened to come across TMT while searching for help in growing our business. We started our company a few years ago and were looking at expanding, but we didn’t know how since my partner and I both come from a technical background. Our small team had their hands full in daily tasks and I was always running around putting out fires (oftentimes with clients!) I heard about TMT and thought it may be a good idea to investigate it. We had previously paid a small fortune for SEO services in the past and didn’t see any results, so I was a bit hesitant in pulling the trigger on another marketing firm. After some back and forth, I decided to pull the trigger and give it a shot. We got enrolled and then I was shown the platform, which included tons of marketing training materials, videos, seminars, programs, documents, you name it. I didn’t really know where to start.

My coaches told me I needed to attend the Rapid Implementation Workshop, which I did. Then, things started taking off. We booked 5 appointments with our clients on day 2 of Rapid, which led to over $100,000 in new projects. (We aren’t a huge firm, so that was impressive for us). The ball was rolling. New website loaded, with BETTER SEO, new marketing programs running, internal stability with our engineering team, expansion of our stack and correct tool alignment, stability with clients and ease of management, and so much more! With weekly coaching calls with experts across the country who genuinely care about us and want to see our business succeed, we started aligning our business the right way and it felt so good!  Things became easier for us not only on the marketing side of the business, but also internally as well. This is when I started discovering that TMT provides much more than just marketing (it should really be called “The Everything Toolkit”). There is a whole process of business alignment, growth strategies, and plans to fit just about any type of technology-related business out there. We are learning new things and putting them into practice almost every week! It’s amazing. If you are on the fence, I would highly recommend you do this. Whatever they say, just do it and get ready, because your business will take off as well.”

Peter Vavrosky

Co-founder, Black Belt Secure

By Actively Engaging With TMT’s Program, We Easily Passed $2 Million In Revenue

“85% of MSPs never make it past $1 million. Shortly after joining Technology Marketing Toolkit and engaging in the Accelerators Club program, we passed the $2 million mark. And that wasn’t by accident. It’s by process, by the tools and the support of the TMT community. it’s a matter of the quality of what you’re experiencing in the Technology Marketing Toolkit community. The quality is always top notch.”

Tim Conard

President, TS Conard Incorporated Technology Solutions

Evolving From An Operations-Focused MSP To A Sales-Focused MSP, We Onboarded $20K In New MRR Clients Inside Of 3 Months

After some coaching from Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit, we realized we needed to evolve from an operations-focused MSP to a SALES-FOCUSED one. With this one mindset change, we’ve onboarded FOUR new managed services clients in just three months. These new clients represent over $20,000 in NEW MRR! Even more, our initial technology business review campaign has netted us $1,400 in new MRR by upselling current clients. It’s already paying off!

This program has given our entire organization a common direction for the growth of the business. It works because the components of the marketing plan are broken up into digestible bits that have made ramping up our marketing ‘TMT-style’ manageable and effective. There’s no way we could have achieved this aggressive pace without TMT providing the direction and resources we needed to evolve into a sales-focused organization.

Shayne Caffrey

LeeShanok Network Solutions

Never Again Will We Be Without Lists, Lackluster Sales Or Lead Tracking – We Just Hit Go!

TMT’s program is simply amazing. You start with Robin’s Rapid Implementation Program to get you set up and on your way, and then you go through a full four-month training which helps you build out your entire marketing strategy. TMT has a HUGE resource pool of hundreds of other MSPs who have already gone through their marketing or are going through it with you. TMT provides templates, instructions, EVERYTHING – all you have to do is GO.

They are solving EVERY problem, including those we didn’t even know we had. This program helped build out an actual marketing plan and program for our company, it gives us the tools, the templates and resources to do the marketing and literally tells you how and when to do it. It has solved issues of us having bad (or no) lists, zero pipeline, lackluster sales, zero follow-up, and no lead tracking.

Having such a vast group of seasoned MSPs and owners available and excited to help is simply worth the world in gold. Their mentors are ready to help at any time, to solve every problem we have run into.

Two words: Simply AMAZING.

Nick Todd

Ocean Computer Group, Inc.

Modeling Other TMT Members’ Success Led Me To Increasing Revenue By 93%

Nothing Robin Robins says is BS. It’s all very real. I have colleagues questioning me and asking, ‘Why are you putting all this money into marketing? Why are you doing this? All this advertising?’ My answer is simple. ‘Because everybody around me is getting successful doing it. How can I not give it a try?’

I would say, for anyone who uses TMT, they are a great organization, and they are staying with the times and adapting to current trends. Since joining, I’ve gone from one employee to three. And my revenue has increased by 93%!

Rob Faulkner

President, Lexii Corporation

After Increasing Our MRR By $18,139, Our Only Regret Is Not Starting This TMT Partnership Sooner

Dorset Connects has had great success with the Technology Marketing Toolkit program. Plus, we are certain that even BETTER RESULTS with new leads and business are ahead for us. Our only regret is that we didn’t start this partnership sooner!

However, for too many years, we had ZERO marketing and virtually no sales. We were strictly organic growth through prior relationships. Then, after not bringing in a single sale in nine months, we had to let our new sales rep go. Big light bulb moment…our problem was on THE MARKETING END!

After several of Robin Robins’ successful MSP clients told me to ‘just do it,’ I signed up for TMT’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. From just one simple class exercise at the workshop, we added a new VoIP sale for $430 in monthly recurring revenue. Then, by conducting technology business reviews the way TMT teaches, we brought in an additional $124,484! And we also gained $17,384 by implementing Robin’s weekly cyber security tip e-mails.

During the TMT workshop training and Robin’s Boot Camp, there was a persistent drumbeat to increase rates. We obliged and raised our prices, which instantly added $7,895 in MRR. In less than a year since working with TMT, we have accrued 17 qualified leads and five first-time appointments, brought in two new MRR clients and added $18,139 in new MRR! One thing we are certain of – we LOVE working with TMT. The energy, the ideas, the people, the fun – all of it. Everyone we have worked with at TMT has been awesome, welcoming, patient and a pleasure to work with.

Robert Sparre

CEO, Dorset Connects

THANKFUL For What TMT Provides To Help Us Evolve: The Marketing, The Proven Processes And The Community

I didn’t come this far to only come this far.’ We committed to TMT and Robin Robins for two primary reasons: to help transition our break-fix clients to managed services and also to increase our client base. We are thankful for what TMT provides: the marketing, the proven processes and the community. Since our commitment, we have grown and evolved!

It is motivating to learn how other MSPs have grown their businesses through TMT. Going from little marketing to full-steam marketing takes time. I know we will get there because of the change we have committed to and the guidance and assistance provided by TMT.

Hank Burton

Owner, Literati Information Technology

From $52,016 In Debt To Adding At Least $125,685 In Annual Contracts Thanks To Robin’s Program!

When I started Globalnet IT Innovations in Southend, Essex, UK, I had no money and no real clients. After 12 years of pretty lacklustre growth, I was $52,016 in debt and seriously considered shutting down my business. Indecision and fear prevented my company from growing. Then Robin Robins showed me there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I went all in by signing up for Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Accelerators Club and attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. As a result, I’ve started to get some traction and wins. I now have some referrals for Office 365 work. We’ve also performed 10 free audits which has led to multiple proposals and a $28,560 annual contract! 

Through technology business reviews, we have successfully helped multiple clients upgrade their IT and cybersecurity. One client ordered $42,000 in Office 365 licensing annually. Another company in London wants to utilize our co-managed IT for a minimum of $55,125 a year!

Robin’s program isn’t just about marketing. It provides accountability and solid advice for business growth. We used to be the best IT company in Southend, Essex, UK that no one knew about. Today, we are on our way to becoming the best IT company that everyone in Southend knows about! Finally it feels like things are moving in the right direction, and there’s a buzz in the air.

Robert Burdett

Globalnet IT Innovations

After Striking Out With My Own Marketing, I Went Through Robin’s Workshop And Added $11,600 In NEW MRR!

Since I started Central Plains Computer Service, Inc., I’ve tried to be focused on sales. Unfortunately, like most MSPs, I always got sucked into service issues. Like throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks, I tried multiple marketing ventures. For TV advertising, we paid about $3,500 a month but didn’t see much business come through our doors. We also got poor results from running Facebook ads. And redesigning our website didn’t result in leads.

Then I joined Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Accelerators Club and went through Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop. After returning from the workshop, we used Robin’s instruction to conduct technology business reviews with our clients. It worked, resulting in 11 agreements worth about $11,600 in NEW MRR!

Success has opened up exciting opportunities for us. First, we were able to purchase another IT services firm in a neighboring city. Next, success has allowed me to donate our services to local charities and churches in central Kansas. And my success has enabled my wife and I to travel and see friends and family all over the states.

Thank you to TMT and their Accelerators Club for giving us the tools we need to market and GROW our MRR. I want to help people realize that you can’t do it alone. Do the marketing, make the sales, do the work. This community is truly amazing, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Kerry Guthrie

Central Plains Computer Service, Inc.

Thanks To Robin Robins, We Are Getting Our Goals Met, Starting With A NEW MRR CLIENT And New Project Revenue

“After merging two IT businesses to create Blue Tree Technology, we had our fair share of growing pains. At the time, we were also working with a marketing company that did not fit our values at all.

So, we turned our focus to an marketing company that focuses on MSPs. Along with our owners, Isadora and Matt Horning, we all went to Chicago to hear Robin Robins speak. She helped us realize we were finally in control of our own verticals…our own destiny. Next, our in-person Rapid Implementation Workshop in Nashville was a true eye-opener for me. We all completely bought into Robin’s sales and marketing strategies.

Listening to Robin speak had me so pumped, I was immediately sending her 9-Word E-mail campaign. Those e-mails opened a few doors for us, including with a medical prospect who will soon become our NEWEST monthly recurring revenue client! We have also diligently booked QBRs, which added a FEW PROJECTS with existing clients.

Thanks to the direction, motivation and accountability from Technology Marketing Toolkit, we are building our ‘Robinized’ website and social media platform and are working to reengage some cold prospects. We know that by following Robin’s ‘keep our face in their face’ approach, we will ensure prospects will now have us first in mind. My goal is to get Robin’s process done and get Blue Tree Technology’s goals met!

Bridget Mendoza

Blue Tree Technology

Finally Engaged In Marketing After 50 Years, We Recently Upsold 6 Clients, Scheduled 3 First Time Appointments And Have Several Potential Sales In The Pipeline

For the 50+ years that AVC Technology has been in business, they never dedicated the time and resources to a full-time marketing person. To become more fully engaged in my new marketing manager role, we attended Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop. Going through that valuable workshop and 12 weeks of accountability calls gave us a renewed sense of energy, plus multiple wins, including:

  • UPSOLD 6 CLIENTS to our backup service
  • Received 3 testimonials, including our first 5-star review
  • Started sending out newsletters and direct mail campaigns to our target market and got 2 leads
  • Conducted a webinar with 30 attendees and got 1 lead
  • Scheduled 3 first time appointments and have several in the pipeline!

By being a part of the TMT Rapid Implementation Program, we have been improving, implementing and tightening up our marketing processes. Best of all, I am MORE DEDICATED to marketing than ever before. And I’m actually enjoying it! We have our 6-month marketing plan built out, and I feel confident and ready to implement it fully. By focusing on discipline, consistency, we have received SIX NEW LEADS in just the past two weeks and are moving in the right direction!

Brenda Enderle

AVC Technology

With Multiple WINS In Just 12 Weeks, We Added $3,590 In MRR, $44,820 In Projects And $31,207 In Product Sales!

“By attending Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop, we had MULTIPLE WINS. Our first win was immediately receiving testimonials. Just 24 hours after we sent emails to 15 clients, we received 11 quality testimonials back! Then we got another two testimonials the next week — an impressive 87% response rate.

Our second win was making scheduling Technology Business Reviews a snap. By using Technology Marketing Toolkit’s marketing automation program, we easily scheduled meetings with our clients on a regular basis. The results: we upgraded multiple clients to our new support plan which added $3,590 in NEW MRR (a total contract value of $129,230), $44,820 in project work and $31,207 in product sales!”

Kelsey Beauchamp

Information Management Systems

I have received mentorship, motivation, guidance, camaraderie, and a never-ending supply of resources that allow me to implement proven processes!

When I was ramping up to start my company in 2020, I had no idea how to get our name out there effectively, how to implement a marketing plan, or even know what a marketing plan should include.  I attended my first Boot Camp in Orlando and by the end of Day 2, I had taken the first step in my successful journey by becoming a member of the Accelerator’s Group.  It wasn’t until Day 3 that I mustered the courage to inform my wife of my decision and financial commitment.  I reflect on that decision regularly with gratitude.  I have received mentorship, motivation, guidance, camaraderie, and a never-ending supply of resources that allow me to implement proven processes and alleviate the anxiety of trying to figure it all out on my own.  I am so glad that I didn’t put it off for the fear of it not being the right time!

Thanks to the amazing TEAM at TMT! 

James Mayer

merIT Technology Solutions President and CEO

Through Robin Robins’ Program, Our Goal Is To DOUBLE Our Income This Year!

“Starting as a husband-and-wife break-fix business in 2001, Computer Techs primarily supported CPAs and Catholic schools in the Pasadena, California, area. For well over a decade, money was tight, a marketing budget was nonexistent and we didn’t know the benefit of follow-up. We signed up for an MSP marketing program. But after two years and absolutely ZERO RESULTS, our frustration level was rising.  

 We received an invitation to one of Robin Robins’ marketing programs. Since we had heard multiple good things from her business acquaintances, including the potential for money growth, we decided to move forward with Technology Marketing Toolkit.  

 First, we were AMAZED at how fast our new CPA-targeting website was built – in just a week and a half! Next, we joined Robin and her team in Nashville for her Rapid Implementation Workshop. We finally got the training we had expected from our previous marketing company. Following this training, we began answering our phones live, built a Shock-And-Awe box to improve our close rate, started sending monthly newsletters and implemented a Referral Reward Program. From our direct mail campaign, a dozen CPAs want to discuss our IT services after tax season!  

 Momentum is starting to pay off because we are COMMITTED to the process. We’ve signed one new client for $7,200 in annual recurring revenue and expect this client to grow over time. Plus, a few of our clients have increased their monthly MRR as a result of our marketing. We are continually learning and consistently implementing Robin’s marketing systems and processes. As a result, we expect SUBSTANTIAL GROWTH this year, including achieving our goal of DOUBLING OUR INCOME!  

Marketing ISN’T BS! Since attending Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Rapid Implementation Workshop and joining Robin’s Accelerators Club, we are now PROFITABLE! Affiliation with TMT has gained me credibility. Plus, we have ‘Robinized’ our website, are sending out drip marketing regularly and now answer our phones live! When you’re ready to stop doing ‘more of the same,’ the help you need is out there in the form of Technology Marketing Toolkit and their community!

Lyle and Natalie Thomas
Lyle & Natalie Thomas

Computer Techs

From NO Marketing Systems To A STRONG Marketing Foundation With $25,000 In New Project Work

I’m happy to say I’m pleased with EVERYTHING that’s happened as a result of going through Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation program. First, we’ve generated $25,000 in new project work by scheduling MANY more quarterly business reviews. Second, the Technology Marketing Toolkit marketing automation CRM has made it MUCH EASIER to trade leads and opportunities and follow up. Third, we have a discovery call generated from the TMT Digital Marketing Done-For-You team. And fourth, we generated four qualified leads and two look promising for an additional $11,000 in MRR.

Steve Messineo Image
Steve Messineo

Business Development Officer, Citara Systems, Inc.

After Robin’s Toolkit Helped Increase My Revenue By 43%, I Attended Her Workshop And Added $9,600 In Annualized MRR!

As a one-man shop, I can confidently say that Robin Robins’ Technology Marketing Toolkit helped me hone my marketing skills as well as introduced the power of doing quarterly business reviews (QBRs) for my clients. With those business improvements, I was able to increase my overall revenue by 43%! Because I still needed to bring in Robin’s marketing standards to Periphix, I signed up for Robin’s Accelerators Club and attended her three-day Rapid Implementation Workshop. As a result, I have added $800 a month in monthly recurring revenue and expect to add another $800 – $1,200 in additional MRR after tax season. I also expect to add another $25,000 in project revenue in the next six months.
Jason Danyluk

Owner, Periphix Solutions

Robin’s Accelerators Club Gives You A Proven System To Grow Your Business

Less than five years ago, we were a computer repair shop that made house calls servicing 981 break-fix customers. We’d take anyone with a pulse and a computer. Every month our revenue started back over at zero, and I was stressed beyond belief. I even had to borrow against our house back then just to make payroll. Not only was my business in bad shape, so was I. Crawling under desks at 375 pounds, I needed to change my business, my health, my life. Everyone has that pivotal moment when the trajectory of their business changes forever. Mine was November 4, 2015, at a Robin Robins’ event in Dallas. It all sounded great but I was afraid. Afraid of the cost, the work and mostly the possibility of failure. But I went all-in. I changed the name of my business to Preactive IT Solutions, transformed to a managed services model, started firing my cheapo break-fix clients and started targeting businesses. Today, I generate better than 20% in NET profit on a $2 million MSP that is growing profitably, fast. Next year will be even better because I know how to do marketing. What Robin gives you in the Accelerators Club is exactly what I needed – and it will help you too.”

Charles Swihart (Client Coach)

Founder, Preactive IT Solutions

It’s One Of The Best Things We Ever Did!

“We had joined up with Robin over five years ago, and the ingredients for a successful marketing program were all there, but for the next five years we failed to implement any of the marketing strategies. It wasn’t until we joined the Accelerators Club that we finally started getting things done. I would like to think that we aren’t stupid or lazy, but we clearly needed an Accountability Group and some coaching from the geniuses in Robin’s team. The Accountability Group has kept us moving forward, and the coaching we have received from Robin’s team has been invaluable. Now that we have our foundations in place, and the momentum to keep moving forward, we are eager to see what we can accomplish next!”

Ed Bensinger

Bensinger Consulting

Exactly What I Needed To Finally Start Implementing

“I purchased the Toolkit a few years ago, but just wasn’t able to get myself to implement. At the Rapid Implementation Workshop, it came together for me and I finally understood exactly what to do to bring more and better quality clients. Since that event, I’ve implemented multiple marketing campaigns, which is far more than I’ve ever been able to get done in the past. We can do this!”

Eric Janson

Parallel Edge

I Was Able To Implement Campaigns Live During Class And Saw Immediate Results

“I’m so glad I made the investment. Getting away from the day-to-day business and focusing on my marketing has completely reinvigorated me and re-engaged me in my business. Since we were in a classroom setting, I was able to focus on getting my marketing started and get immediate answers to questions. I was able to implement campaigns live during class and saw immediate responses. The ongoing group coaching keeps me accountable to roll out campaigns.”

Michael Marlow

Information Systems of Montana

Accelerators Club Helped Us To Gain Profits That We Haven’t Been Able To Achieve In The Past 20 Years Of Doing Business

“When we went to Nashville to kick off the program, had zero marketing systems in place, and we were only adding one to three new clients a year. We knew that our policies and procedures were great, so why not market them? We have gotten so much marketing implemented both at the workshop itself and in the 90-Day Accountability Group that followed the two-day workshop. The campaigns that we have done have generated $19,657 in new recurring revenue! Accelerators Club has given the foundation that will lead to solid growth in our MRR and help us to gain profits that we haven’t been able to achieve in the past 20 years of doing business!”

Amy James

We Added $131,730 In Revenue After The First 3 Months Of Our Accelerators Club Membership

“The Rapid Implementation Workshop has transformed our business! We saw INSTANT success by implementing a few simple strategies to market to our existing clients that led to an additional $131,730 in revenue! We are just now starting to scratch the surface of marketing to new leads post-workshop, and the results are already stellar.

While the increase in revenue is the greatest win since attending this workshop, it also helped us grow by taking a hard look at how we represent ourselves to our clients and target markets. Working in the group setting with other MSPs has been extremely beneficial in sharing our common experiences, successes and struggles and learning how we each do business. One of the biggest takeaways is that even the smallest of actions can yield big results, and all you have to do is commit to doing those actions consistently and on a regular basis.”

Derek Anderson

Biztek Solutions, Inc.

After Just 12 Weeks, We Added 20 Clients And $24,924 In Monthly Recurring Revenue

“For as long as I can remember, I wanted to run a technology company. I often joke that I must have missed the class in Computer Science School about how to actually run a business. I was practically forced to become a student of business through the school of hard knocks and by devouring tons of business books. Certain parts came easy to me, but not marketing and sales.

Like most every MSP on the planet, I was consistently receiving Robin’s marketing year after year. I’ll admit, I was initially turned off by her marketing and felt mine was working well enough…until I learned a new local competitor was cleaning my clock with the help of a certain redhead! So, I fired my current marketing firm, signed on with Technology Marketing Toolkit and headed to Boot Camp. I was so overwhelmingly impressed with everything I learned at Boot Camp, I decided to join the Accelerators Club and, shortly after, attended the Rapid Implementation Workshop.

In preparation for the workshop, we sent an e-mail blast for testimonials and received 35 responses. Immediately upon our arrival at the workshop, Robin asked us to send out a 9-Word E-mail. We sent that e-mail to 82 lost or no-decision quotes from the prior year, so I expected crickets. I was shocked when we received nine replies, including one from a prospect we thought had moved on. That would equal $108,000 over their new three-year contract!

We closed 57 new customer agreements worth $24,924 in additional MRR. Our unique page views have increased 175% since April 2018. Plus, for the keywords ‘IT service Henderson,’ we are now ranked #1 on Google! Since implementing the new site, we have had three qualified leads come in through the contact form!

I feel like we are just getting below the tip of the iceberg. Over the last eight months, we have built a great team internally with training from Robin’s team. I am completely grateful for the depth of knowledge provided by Robin and the Technology Marketing Toolkit team to help MSPs like me to grow.”W

Nathan Whittacre

Stimulus Technologies

Our First 90 Days Of Marketing Generated $40,282 Of New MRR And $93,240 In Project Work

“We have been in business for over 14 years and though we worked hard, we were quickly falling further into debt. Thankfully, that all changed when we went to work using Robin’s program.

Before joining the Accelerators Club, our best year ever was the year we serviced 3,951 people/businesses, had eight employees and $450,000 in sales. To our amazement, at the end of last year, we surpassed that number with a total of three employees servicing seven managed clients. Our fourth quarter alone was 130% better than the same quarter the year before and our overall year-over-year increase was 31%. I can’t thank Team Robin enough for all the help and support they’ve provided us. Thanks to all we learned at the Rapid Implementation Workshop and with the support of other Accelerators Club members, we reached a company milestone with fewer employees, less clients and all within 90 days!”

Stefanie Groot


The Actions I Took During My First 3 Months In Accelerators Club Helped Me To Grow My Revenue In ONE MONTH More Than I Had Done In The Last 12 YEARS!

“We never did ANY kind of real marketing or advertising. We had never even hired a salesperson. For an entire decade, because all we ever knew were referrals, we never knew when (or IF) our business would grow. Then, almost overnight, we lost nearly $12,000 in recurring income!

After joining Accelerators Club and attending the Rapid Implementation Workshop, I knew I could no longer worry, hide and procrastinate if I wanted to replace that $12,000 a month. Robin insisted that we take action right then and there, so I started sending out e-mails to request quarterly business reviews. That one task that took just 10 tiny minutes resulted in $7,100 In monthly recurring revenue or $85,200 a year! That’s like $8,500 a minute… Some SERIOUS ROI!

I know a lot of MSP owners eat, sleep and breathe their businesses. That’s awesome. I’m also a crazy IT business owner, but I also split my time a hundred different ways with my cattle ranch, my other businesses, my children and recently a once-in-a-lifetime bighorn sheep hunt. But through ALL of my big-time life in my small, little town, I still managed to increase my revenue more in ONE MONTH than I have ever done in 12 YEARS of business!

Jill Eaton

Sweetwater Technology Services, Inc.

From Overwhelmed And NOT Executing Anything To Getting COMPLIMENTS From Prospects And Clients About Our Marketing!

“We were like a deer in headlights, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the Toolkit’s contents. Then we joined Accelerators Club, and it was immediately crystal clear how all the parts fit together. Engaging directly with Robin at the initial Rapid Implementation Workshop was priceless.

Looking back, I can now see all of the holes from our previous sales and marketing process. Before: We were targeting anybody that showed an interest, had zero testimonials, didn’t know what a unique selling proposition was and we had nothing substantial to send prospects before sales meetings.

TODAY: We have defined a solid target market that keeps us focused on growing our list and increasing conversions. Also, our request for testimonials has yielded great results from our happy clients. We now have a USP that differentiates us from our competition, and sending a Shock-And-Awe box to our prospects before meetings has been a game changer! It really feels great when our prospects and clients compliment us on how great our marketing is!”

Ferdinand Wangalwa


After 20+ Years Of Practically ZERO Marketing, Robin’s Marketing Pushed Us To $70,980 In Monthly Recurring Revenue Plus $21,230 In New Projects

“This is the story of what happens when you put two IT professionals in charge of spearheading marketing and sales on their own, otherwise known as the ‘dark times’. Our story then takes a sharp turn toward the light with the discovery of a redheaded heroine and a proven system to turn lowly IT civilians into marketing superheroes.

After attending Boot Camp last year, we finally decided to commit to her program and enroll in Accelerators Club. It took seven years and witnessing an entire nation of IT companies succeeding with her help to get us on board, but we are true believers now.

The methodology employed in the Technology Marketing Toolkit provides the foundation for an entire marketing system that flat-out works. We are no longer dependent on one specific marketing tactic to produce results but rather have multiple strategies we can measure and replicate moving forward. In just one year, the results have already exceeded our expectations: a $177,000 increase in revenue, and we feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Jeff Weinman

Computer Dimensions

How Does One Person Add $140,000 In NEW Business In Just 2 Months? By Joining Accelerators Club And Attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop!

“Just one year ago, the feeling of overwhelm, stress and struggling to keep my business going had sunk in. I was a one-man band supporting mostly break-fix clients. Some months were busy, others were not. I simply wasn’t earning enough money. After feeling desperate for a change, I bought the Toolkit, attended Boot Camp in Nashville and joined the Accelerators Club right then and there.

Implementing the program was overwhelming, especially while trying to run my one-man operation. So I attended Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop to get a great head start and even complete a number of items on the checklist. By far, the single best benefit of Accelerators Club and the workshop are the weekly calls, which allow us all to provide results from our efforts, learn from other members’ experiences and get feedback to rocket toward our goals.

But in just the first two months I was able to close over $140,000 in new project business with $4,000 in MRR. As a result of my new business and revenue, I hired a new tech and even secured new office space! I now look forward to moving on to the next stages of my business!”

Jason Wachtel

Haycor Computer Solutions

I Did Nothing With The Toolkit Until I Joined Accelerators Club... Now I’m On Track To DOUBLE My Total Revenue In Just ONE YEAR!

“I bought the Toolkit over a decade ago. I went through the material, loved it and got super-excited. But I took absolutely zero action. A few years ago, I again purchased the updated Toolkit for my new sales guy. Again, we failed to take action. At last year’s Boot Camp, I realized that Accelerators Club gave us a complete “Robin-ized” website. To me, that was worth the entire cost of the program!

Accelerators Club spurred us into action! We started to hammer out and radically change our service. Rather than being a McDonald’s-style IT provider where our clients could customize their options, we became a premium IT team that highlighted our strengths within a single market — manufacturers.

This refocus on our business, as well as Robin’s marketing strategies and campaigns, produced a whirlwind of results, including: 1) generating over 30 leads with 15 booked appointments in just three months, 2) more than doubling our pricing over last year, and 3) we are on track to double our overall revenue from one year ago!

I would love to go back to a decade ago with what I know now and spend time implementing the Toolkit that Robin sent to me. However, what I cannot do back then, I’m certainly doing now!”

Rod Holum

Coulee Techlink

We Gained A New Attitude, New Vision And New Set Of Marketing Tools And Processes From Robin…Plus $25,000 In Our Sales Pipeline!

“Through the ebb and flow of life, we bobbed about in our IT business, just managing to hold our heads above water. We needed more business, more revenue, but had no idea how to market. We needed to get this business out of its rut and on a fresh path!

After attending the Cyber Security Roadshow a few years ago, we were completely transformed and energized. It was contagious! We signed up for Accelerators Club and attended Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop shortly after. I can’t tell you how valuable this workshop was for us. It helped with the mindset that this was our business, together.

Thanks to Robin and Technology Marketing Toolkit, we are now more focused on our business. We are now implementing processes that should have been done years ago and concentrating on how our brand is reflected. As a result of the new marketing, strategies and ideas, we now have $25,000 in the sales pipeline…and growing! Service Solutions has centered our attention on our future and is done looking back. We are proud to be part of this huge network of like-minded IT professionals.”

Steve and Donna Edrington

Service Solutions, Inc.

Robin Showed Us The Light — We’ve Done More Sales And Marketing In The Last 4 MONTHS Than In The Previous 20 YEARS!

“In the beginning there was Marketing Darkness. Then there was Robin. After being in business for 16 years, I hired my first two full-time employees and went from a profitable one-man IT business to a broke business owner. Before Robin, we had zero marketing plan, zero sales process, zero referral program, zero solid mailing list and zero sales in the pipeline! Growth had stalled, and the future was looking grim.

So, when I learned about Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, like Richard Branson, I said, ‘Screw it, let’s do it!’ Like a starving man at the ol’ country buffet, we dove in, consuming everything as fast as we could. We just kept finding new ideas to implement and a lot of things we never knew we needed.

Over the last three months while in Rapid, we’ve created a Shock-And-Awe box that gets our prospects’ attention, a sales system to help us overcome objections, a team to work on our web page and more sales campaigns than we could have ever imagined. We’ve done more for sales and marketing in the last four months than I have in the last 20 years!

Tim Nyberg

The MacGuys+

Can You Really Grow Your Business In Just 90 Days? Thanks To Accelerators Club, We Did — Adding $48,660 A Year With $277,800 In The Sales Pipeline!

“Robin’s Accelerators Club and the Rapid Implementation Workshop have significantly improved our business, our marketing, our communication with both clients and prospects, as well as our monthly revenue.

Among our new marketing and sales activities since joining Accelerators Club: we piloted a small direct mail sales letter in the medical vertical; sponsored and distributed ‘Get Out Of Computer Trouble Free’ postcards at three charity golf outings; rolled out a targeted Google AdWords campaign; shifted e-mail automation to Infusionsoft; started a Weekly Tips e-mail campaign; conducted multiple quarterly business reviews; improved our website; introduced a monthly newsletter; defined our unique selling proposition; and created our Shock-And-Awe box. Whew!

As a result of our efforts in the 90 days following the initial 2-day workshop, we have confirmed $4,055 monthly recurring revenue with approximately $23,150 MRR at various stages in the sales pipeline!

Tyler Wallace and Brent Lacy

CTS Computers

Since Joining Accelerators Club, We Have Increased Monthly Sales By 37%!

“As a direct result of attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop as part of Accelerators Club, Mid-Atlantic Computer Solutions has experienced a full 10% increase in our target customer base (with more on the way) and an additional 30% seat count with two new clients. To this day, we are STILL reaping the rewards!

Since the workshop, my sales have increased by an average of 37% per month. As this growth continues, I’ll be well above $500,000 in revenue very soon. That’s a goal I haven’t hit since 2009! With all of this new business, I increased my staff by 33%, which means shorter wait times and happier clients.”

Will O’Neal

Mid-Atlantic Computer Solutions

I Finally Got Out Of Overwhelm And Have Locked In Over $200,000 In New Revenue

“Going to the Rapid Implementation Workshop really helped me understand how to start with simple tasks, break things down into small pieces that are manageable and totally reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. I’ve gone from spending a few hours here and there on marketing activities in a relatively unstructured manner, to almost half my day, every day. I’m delegating a lot more work to my support team, and know that my time is being spent a lot more effectively. I’m thrilled to report we’ve added an average of $5,700 in new MRR and $205,228 in confirmed revenue – plus the potential for an additional $840,000 WiFi deployment revenue. After three months, I’m struggling to think where I would be, and what my focus would be on if I hadn’t joined this program.”

Liam O’Keeffe

Silicon Systems Limited

In Just 90 Days, We Increased Our Monthly Recurring Revenue By Over 172%!

“Using Robin’s program and the coaching provided during the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we took our monthly recurring revenue from $7,328 to $19,956. Not only did we experience a 172% increase in MRR over 90 days, we also created a very solid foundation for consistently generating leads, and developed the tools we need to demonstrate to those leads that we will deliver more than we promise. We are so happy that we chose to invest in the program, because this was the springboard we needed for our ultimate success.”

Benson Bashford

AZCOMP Technologies

If It Worked For Me, It Can Work For You

“I joined the Accelerators Club right after Boot Camp this year, and all I can tell you is that it works!!! I have done more marketing in the last four months than in the last seven years I’ve been in business. Like many others, I was very worried about the monthly expense. Guess what? I’ve added $219,000 in MRR and just hired two techs and a full-time marketing manager. I attribute this growth and massive increase in MRR directly to the Accelerators Club!!! If it worked for me, it can work for you! If you’re serious about growing your business, do it and you will not regret it! Is it easy? Nope! But that’s what the Accountability Group is for…Do the work, work hard, don’t give up. Accelerators is the way to go!”

Anthony Hernandez

Captain IT

I Have Already Closed A 5-Year Deal Worth $72,600 From Just One Campaign Learned

“I purchased the Technology Marketing Toolkit years ago and, like many people, didn’t do much with it. I was overwhelmed by the amount of content available and didn’t quite know where to start. Then I learned about Robin’s Accelerators Club and signed up immediately! While there, we learned how to set up a referral program and since then, have started including information about it in our newsletter. From just this one campaign, I have already received two leads for referrals and closed a five-year deal worth $72,600! The workshop and the Accountability Group were what I needed to finally get my marketing process together.”

Eric Peterson

Simple Communications

We Had Campaigns Out The Door Before We Even Left Robin’s Office That Generated $48,310 In Revenue

“Even prior to attending the initial Rapid Implementation Workshop, we were committed to following Robin’s advice step-by-step. I had been ‘watching’ her for several years before committing to her program but felt stalled and didn’t know where or how to start the marketing. We were ready to make a change and were prepared to alter the way we had been doing business for the last 17 years since sales had become stagnant, but I wasn’t sure how to get going.

DURING the two-day workshop, we actually did multiple campaigns that generated $48,310 in new revenue. And that was before we even left to return home! From the 90-day accountability and implementation time after the workshop, we have implemented a slew of marketing, including a referral program, monthly newsletter, TechTip postcards, the Sitting Duck campaign, Google AdWords, and more. From the marketing that we’ve done since the workshop, and with Robin’s team guiding us and holding us accountable in the three months after, we have closed $92,528 in new revenue! We are taking the steps to change our organization from a technical service company to a sales company and now we have the foundation in place to generate real results from our marketing.”

Stacey Gallagher


I Doubled My Monthly Recurring Revenue In Just 3 Months After The Initial Rapid Implementation Workshop

“With only five customers and generating only $2,000 in MRR, I originally felt that I wasn’t making the kind of money to afford the price tag of the Rapid Implementation Workshop. However, I spent it anyway because I saw it as a worthy investment.

On just the first day of the workshop, we sent out QBR e-mails, which led to meetings and instant NEW monthly recurring revenue. Throughout the last 90 days of the accountability calls, I’ve had multiple cross-sell opportunities come up with my current clients as a result of the campaigns I did and have been able to expand those same five customers to DOUBLE my monthly recurring revenue!

The last 90 days of weekly coaching have been three months of nonstop growth for me. I’ve been shown how to have a better sales and marketing mindset, which I felt was definitely missing before. I’ve started running different advertising and marketing campaigns and keep working to find what’s the best mix of marketing I’ll actually do, marketing I can afford and marketing that’s generating the results I want. Obtaining that mindset by itself is an accomplishment for me, and I now have a new way of looking at how I do business.”

Manny Carvajales


The Marketing We’ve Done So Far Generated $10,000 In MRR And $25,500 In Project Work

“Even though I’ve owned the Toolkit for a few years and have consistently continued to do Robin’s webinars, trainings and in-person meetings, I still felt like I needed help to get my act together and be more efficient with my marketing.

Just getting the help and guidance to get our physical Shock-And-Awe box together helped me to close a new managed services deal worth $10,000. And one single campaign we implemented closed $25,500 in project work without us ever meeting in person; the marketing we did sold them, and the opportunity was closed over the phone!

Building out the processes has been the toughest and most rewarding part of working with the team. We are now on track to do $3 million in sales this year, and the Accountability Group has made all the difference.”

Lisa Carter

SpartanTec, Inc.

In Just 3 Months, We Closed $732,892 In NEW Business!

“We started with Robin so many years ago, and I thought I was putting in the work needed to succeed, but last year’s Boot Camp finally brought it into focus for me. From that point forward, instead of quitting when I hit some roadblocks, I recommitted myself that it was my time to make things work.

But this program was just what I needed to nail down things like our USP, our niche market and other marketing fundamentals, and it was the kick in the butt that got us DOING the marketing. Since the workshop, we have completed 15 campaigns and marketing initiatives, produced 22 leads and won three new MRR agreements totaling $660,892 over three years, $27,000 in off-site added to existing clients and new projects totaling $45,000, with many more to come.

The lesson learned from all of this? It takes massive, simultaneous action to generate the results we need in business. I’m making things happen now and I’m never going to quit on marketing again!”

Raquel Chappell

Divergys, LLC

I Gained Clarity And Confidence To Start Marketing

“Thank you to Team Robin for pushing me to finally implement. Just in the past week, I’ve gotten four referrals and website leads. My confidence level has soared! You encouraged me to do the things I knew I needed to do but was procrastinating on. This program is priceless. I have not second-guessed my decision for even a moment. No buyer’s remorse at all.”

David Luft

LDD Consulting, Inc.