What's Included

The Rapid Implementation Workshop

This is a very focused 2-day (Rapid only) to 3-day (for MAP clients) workshop led by Robin and her team to walk you through the most critical – and difficult to master – concepts of implementing a productive marketing plan. Clients repeatedly tell us they finally understand how all the pieces fit together and leave not only with campaigns and systems implemented, but also with tremendous confidence in knowing exactly what to do. This “deep dive” session kicks off the next phase of your Rapid Implementation journey, which is a structured 90-day implementation roadmap made of weekly coaching calls designed to give you the support, direction and answers you need to implement.

90-Day Marketing Implementation Fast-Track

After the Rapid Implementation Workshop, we will walk you through a 90-day implementation “Fast Track” that will consist of weekly live webcast meetings with our senior coaches to get you to put into action what you learned at the workshop.

  • You’ll know exactly what to do, and what order to implement.
  • You’ll get every question answered.
  • You’ll get your marketing materials and campaigns reviewed and corrected (if necessary) before you launch them.
  • You’ll get to collaborate with your peers because they will be working on the campaigns with you.
  • You’ll get direct access to all of my team and experts on social media marketing, list building, telemarketing, web design and optimization, CRM systems and more.

Weekly Accountability Calls With A Senior Client Coach

After the 90-Day Fast-Track Implementation sessions, you will be put into an Accountability Group of your noncompetitive peers led by a senior Client Coach to continue to implement the marketing systems and grow your business profitably. The fact that this is a client coach is important: the person leading you will have successfully used these strategies to grow their own MSP or IT services business and can speak from REAL-WORLD experience.

The Accountability Group you’ll be placed in will be based on the size of your company, the services you offer, your niche, your growth goals and a few other factors. Every week this group will:

  • Help you continue to implement and refine marketing and sales systems.
  • Show you how to track (and report) key marketing metrics and ROI so you can build true market intelligence.
  • Help you set good goals and work through growing pains.
  • Continue to hold you accountable to implementation, growth and success principles.
  • Provide “fresh eyes” and their collective experience to see things you can’t and provide input on contracts, pricing, customer service, employee and vendor issues and much, much more!

We modeled this after our Producers Club Accountability Groups – a key benefit that members repeatedly tell us is the most valuable part of the Producers Club. That’s because running a business – especially an IT services business – is complicated and difficult. Having a peer group that understands your business and who will support you is invaluable.

The Actions I Took During My First 3 Months In Accelerators Club Helped Me To Grow My Revenue In ONE MONTH More Than I Had Done In The Last 12 YEARS!
Jill Eaton
Sweetwater Technology Services, Inc.

Your Website And SEO Plan Done-For-You

Seriously, this is worth the entire investment into Accelerators. Many people have told us they spent $10,000 to $20,000 (no joke) on getting a SEO plan done and a website, with zero results. Personally, we’re amazed so many web “marketing” companies get away with the highway robbery they commit, preying on the small business owner who doesn’t know any better. Crazy. When you’re a member, we’ll do all of this for you so you have one less big, important thing to worry about. You’ll get a “Robinized” web template, content and SEO plan customized for you.

We also help set up your Google Analytics and phone tracking (if you choose that option) and give you over 50 landing pages and online campaigns to pick from – all included. Plus you can make unlimited changes. ($12,000+ value)

Your Monthly Newsletter And Blog Content, Done-For-You

This is completely done-for-you; you don’t have to log in to a website, download a template and implement. Our member concierge will get this written, proofread, designed and finished for you – including printing and mailing if you like (you only pay the wholesale printing and postage costs). All you have to do is approve it. We’ll also give you a monthly done-for-you blog post and e-mail to send to your existing list to fuel referrals, cross-sell additional services to your existing clients, convert leads into paying clients and stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects.

You’ll have access to a full-content library with hundreds of articles. These newsletter articles are produced every month and written with three proven emotional triggers for selling more IT services. Many members also use these articles for posting on social media or their company blog.

Done-For-You E-mail Newsletter, Blog Template And Traffic Drivers

Every month, you are provided with a done-for-you teaser e-mail campaign to send out as your “Robinized” e-mail newsletter to your list. These e-mails are tied to the lead article in your monthly newsletter (posted to your blog) and are great for driving leads to your website via e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Never again will you produce an e-mail newsletter that everyone deletes as soon as it hits their in-box.

Our First 90 Days Of Marketing Generated $40,282 Of New MRR And $93,240 In Project Work
Stefanie Groot

Online Shock-And-Awe

Imagine sending potential prospects an impressive Online Shock-And-Awe box within minutes of speaking with them for the first time on the phone. This online site is fully customizable via the Dashboard member site with a personal URL for every single prospect. You create what is on your site, including a welcome video, a copy of your published book, your choice of free report, audio testimonials, your guarantee certificate and more. The options are limitless!

1-On-1 Coaching Access To Our Top Marketing Coaches

Over the years, we’ve been able to build out a team of elite sales and marketing coaches. From former CEOs of MSP firms such as Jeff Johnson and Mark Shehan, to hard-driving marketing executives such as Rich Crockett and Mike Stodola. We’ve even added a stable of our top clients willing to coach our Accelerators Club members on sales and marketing implementation. You’ll have 1-on-1 access to schedule up to two calls per quarter with my top coaches on an as-needed basis. These coaches are your go-to resources for anything and everything you need to market your business.

2 Tickets To Boot Camp

Boot Camp is the event where our best and brightest clients come together, once a year, to discuss, share and collaborate on the most effective marketing, sales and profit-building strategies designed specifically for IT services. Of the vast number of client success stories we have collected over the years, many of them cite coming to Boot Camp as the pivotal  moment in time where it “all came together” for them, enabling them to finally break through any number of roadblocks and glass ceilings holding them back from finally achieving serious growth, not only in sales, profits and new clients, but also from a leadership and operational standpoint. And if you simply cannot make it in person, you can also watch virtually from the comfort of your office or home. ($4,400 value)

A Marketing Automation Platform Built Specifically For MSPs

My team and I have developed a uniquely powerful Marketing Automation Platform that is built on the framework of Infusionsoft. Not only is Infusionsoft the #1 small-business CRM and marketing automation software company, it offers capabilities and advantages that no other tool provides. Perhaps the greatest strength of Infusionsoft is its capability to support my “Multimedia Sequencing” strategies. These time-saving and marketing-enhancing functionalities enable you to run entire marketing campaigns – from direct mail to e-mails to follow-up phone calls and more – all in one convenient place. By seamlessly tracking a prospect through every stage and every activity, your chances of closing each prospect grow exponentially. For more than 600 of our members, this has been a game changer

We’ve built dozens of campaigns into this platform and built out all of the automation to ensure your marketing runs smoothly. We’ve also built out a full support team that is well-versed on every campaign and will hold your hand in getting it implemented. Lastly, we’ve built out a team of “Sherpas” to guide, assist and even carry some of the load for you – ensuring you get your systems set up and implemented right the first time.

Note: Our MAP service is an optional upgrade to your Accelerators Club membership. Roughly 73% of all applicants take this option.

Like A Newly Launched Rocket, Accelerators Club Has Powered Us To $8,200 In NEW Monthly Revenue!
Richard Wingfield
Envision Design

All Apprentice Club Benefits Included

$1,524 Membership Included, not extra

Monthly Strategy Brief Newsletter
Monthly "How-To" And "Deep Dive" Calls
Monthly TechTip Postcard
Monthly Q&A Calls, Que, Dashboard Access
Access To Robin's "Recommended Vendors"